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Become an IPTV Reseller

Become a reseller with direct owners and earn over $10,000/month selling premium IPTV subscriptions with access to over 15,000 channels from USA, UK, Canada and international channels, as well as VOD content.

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Why Choose Us

User Friendly

Our control panel is easy to use and works on mobile and desktop, you can easily manage lines, add, delete, and customize user lines.

Custom app

You can use your own custom app to brand and promote your services and manage customer lines.

Auto-order delivery

If you wish to automate order delivery, we can help you set everything to put your IPTV reseller business on auto-pilot.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you join our IPTV Reseller program, you will get your own control panel, which allows you to sell our services as long as you have sufficient credits.

You can start earning money as an IPTV Reseller by ordering your own reseller control panel and advertising your service to potential customers.

An IPTV Reseller account does not expire once activated, your remaining credits will rollover to next month and so on, until you sell all your credits to your customers.

Depending on your promotional capabilities, you can make up to $50,000 once you have more experience, our top sellers make over 5 figures per month, and our beginner sellers make an easy 4 figures per month.

Once you get started with us, we will help you brand your own IPTV Player apps with your graphics and logos.

To get started using your own IPTV Reseller panel, please contact us here.

IPTV Reseller Panels Are Now Available

Get started selling your own IPTV service to your potential customers and make up to 5 figures per month, we will support you along the way to run your business on auto-pilot and manage your own customers.